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Gaiety School of Acting

As part of the teaching faculty at The Gaiety School of Acting I get the opportunity to work with a fantastic group of drama professionals. Its wonderful be a part of a school that inspires so many people to engage in the arts.

I teach the GSA's, Introduction to Drama, Page to Stage, and Advance Page to Stage courses. These 10 week foundation courses are where my own journey into the arts began. In 2003, an actor friend encouraged me to enroll in my first class, Intro to Drama. I quickly followed up with Page to Stage, and Advance Page to Stage, so I remember very clearly how it feels to engage in the arts for the first time. I remember the fear and anxiety of stepping into the unknown, but most of all I remember the fun and friendships I forged with fellow class mates. Some of these people have gone on to become professional actors, writers, directors, while some went back into the real world, all the better for the experience. 

In 2017 I had the pleasure of facilitating the one year part-time actors course. Two hour classes, two evenings a week, with three performance showcases, concluding with a full theater performance to friends and family. The talent and commitment of students was amazing, and just showed what people can achieve when they give themselves the opportunity, and engage with a wonderful supportive school like the Gaiety School of Acting. 


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