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  • In preparation for their Junior cycle oral presentations, this workshop introduces students to the presentation skills and creative tools that help select topics, present work, and build confidence in the overall presentation process. Students get to actively build their confidence using professional presentation techniques. These techniques help with voice projection, body posture, eye contact, audience engagement, storytelling and most importantlyfinding their own point of view, "What they are saying and why they are saying it". Using improvisation and performance skills students have the freedom to explore and devise their presentations in a creative and engaging way. As they play with the rhythm of spoken word and experiment with suitable formats options, they are supported by the devising process and encouraged to try new ideas, take creative risks, and to have fun. Presentation styles can vary so by introducing a varied range of options, from conventional top of the classroom presentations, to site specific or even role play scenarios, we are sure to find a style that suits every presentation. And finally, we take a look at what the audience wants. All to often presenters are primarily focused on themselves, but by understanding what their audience wants, or needs, it can help their focus and ensure an engaging presentation.  
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  • TY Theatre Club is an introduction to script based dramatic  performance. Students get an insight into the world of theatre, film, and other related genres like voice over, site specific performance and improvisation. They also explore the many aspects of producing  work for stage, film and the many roles to be filled relating to the casting and crew set up of a production.
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