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Creative Comedy Workshops

Call Peter +353 (0)87 1206909.

All inquiries welcome, book a group workshop or see where Funprov can fit into your upcoming event. 

Funprov Creative Workshops

Having fun with infinite creative possibilities.


Funprov is a wonderful way to experience Improvised Comedy, Drama and Story Telling all in a creative friendly environment. 


Have you ever wanted to perform but not want to take it to seriously, then you'll love Funprov. Improvisation or "Improv" as its often known has long been an essential creative building block for comedians, actors and performers alike. At first most people fear it but once introduced to the fundamentals of Improv the adventure truly begins, that's where Funprov comes alive.

- Building confidence through creative play -

Funprov workshops introduce you to a world of laughter and creative possibilities. You will play games and learn to listen, respond, and be spontaneous. You will laugh your way through the workshop and learn to trust your creative instinct. 

As part of a drama program, community / festival event or corporate team building activity, Funprov creates an inclusive friendly environment that encourages friends and strangers alike to create and share in laughter.

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