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Introduction to Improv 

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We all really enjoyed the workshop and felt like we were just getting started when we finished, we were all very sad to finish up. Peter was engaging, friendly, warm and hilarious which is exactly what we wanted.

Firewood Marketing. 

Join me for this creative two day workshop and enjoy a practical "Introduction to Improv" exploring both Short and Long form improv.


"Next workshop dates coming soon"  

Location: TBC.

Book your place: call or email Peter: 087 1206909  or

Day 1: Saturday: Dates to follow 10am to 4.30pm. (1pm - Lunch 45 min)
Day 2: Sunday: Dates to follow 10am to 4.30pm. (1pm - Lunch 45 min)

Course Fee: €100. 

Max 12 places. 

This fun filled two day workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of improv and help build confidence with your creative choices. 


  • Who should do this workshop? 
    Everyone, you dont need any previous performance experience. This is an introduction workshop so just join up, you're perfect just as you are. Or perhaps you have experience and just want to reconnect with improv, its all good. 

  • Improv is a performance art, an attainable skill, its not rocket science, its just life. These skills help us become better communicators, help break down fears, and develop performance or public speaking skills that last a life time. 

  • Improvisation has been an essential skill for actors, comedian and artists alike for many years, but in more recent times international business like Facebook, Google, etc (to name a few) have started to introduce improvisation into there skills training for their staff. It has been embraced as a valuable skill set that supports creative thinking, cooperative development, and happier people. In short, the fundamentals of improvisation work for everyone. 

  • Who is Peter O'Byrne? I've been a professional actor, comedian and improviser for the past fifteen years, performing weekly shows with The Craic Pack Comedy Improv, The Cardinals improv troupe, and The Bankers Comedy Club. I'm a currently on the faculty of The Gaiety School of Acting, I'm also Improv coach at The Irish Film Academy and facilitate on the Legal Presentation Skills for The Law Society of Ireland. Most importantly "I get improv", and the freedom and benefits it brings. 

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